Links to data and project results

Archive of satellite imagery of various sources at NERSC:

Project website at Joanneum Research with results from landice studies:

Russian satellite data archive with selected images for MAIRES:

Deliverable documents available in pdf format:

D1.1 Report on user requirement and case study definition946.47 KB
D2.1 Preliminary data sets1.21 MB
D4.4 Sea ice process studies1.91 MB
D5.1 Iceberg maps from satellite data2.18 MB
D5.2 Iceberg distribution change9.86 MB
D6.1 Synthesis and integration2 MB
D6.2 Analysis of variability and trends2.8 MB
D7.2 Material for promotion and education665.16 KB
D7.3 User workshop report2.26 MB